For those clients who want to keep their valuables in safe SINKO-BANK offers individual safe deposits situated in a secure location in the Bank. High level of protection of the room as well as the safes boxes, privacy and guarantee of safety account for confidence our clients have using the safe deposits.

When making a deal with valuable property the parties are offered special terms of access regulated by the Bank.


SINKO-BANK has a full-service remote system "iBank2". Having a computer and access to the Internet a client can operate his/her account on an online basis: get account statements, pay for goods and services, transfer money to other accounts, buy and sell currency, receive newsletters from the Bank.

The system has been created with due regard to all existing security measures. Corporate accounts and information have extra protection.

The online banking system of SINKO-BANK can be comfortably utilized from almost every part of the world upon condition that all the necessary security measures are observed.


We provide our clients with cash collection service with further crediting to the client’s current account in SINKO-BANK. Highest security standards, using specialized armored vehicles minimizes risks related to cash transportation. Your cash collected by SINKO-BANK is 100% insured by insurance cover.


SINKO-BANK can arrange the delivery of cash notes and coins in your required currency denominations and amounts, securities and other valuables and documents to your designated office locations.

The service is provided by qualified cash-in-transit couriers on specialized armored car.

If you need assistance or consultation about any bank services, please contact +7 (495) 737-41-40 or send e-mail to

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